dLAB Studios has worked on music and video projects with a variety of Artists, Labels, Film Companies, and Corporations, including:

Marty Stuart °+  a
Ricky Skaggs °+  a
Audio Adrenalin °+  v
Paradise Fears  v
Buddy Jewell  a
Doc Watson °  a
Chet Atkins °  a
George Hamilton IV °+  a v
Flaco Jimenez ° a
The Moody Brothers °+  a
Jamie Hoover  a
Don Dixon °  a
Marti Jones  a
Dave Moody °+  a v
Young Harmony +  a
Arthur Smith  a
The Bradleys +  a
Ramblin’ Jack Elliott °  a
John Boy and Billy  a
Alabama Spirituals +  a
John D. Loudermilk °  a
Reba McEntire °+  v
Pat Boone °+  a
Marty Rabon  a
George Beverly Shea°  a
Petra ° + a
Del McCoury °+  a
Ashes Remain  v

° Grammy Award Winner or Nominee  |  + Dove Award Winner or Nominee  |  a=audio  v=video

Record Labels:
Word Records
INO Records
DigSin Records
Virgin/Sound and Media
Disneyland Records
Fair Trade Records
Lamon Records
Capital Christian Music Group
BMG Music Group
Columbia House

Film Companies and Television:
Vivendi Entertainment
Mo Mo Bay
Elevating Entertainment
Downbeat Films
Red Vessel Entertainment
Ghost Horse
Movie City Films
Nashville Cinematics
Cobalt Pictures
Dog ‘N Doggy Productions
Uplifting Entertainment
Bridgestone Multimedia
TA Film Partners
Moving Pictures Film and Television
SOM Film Partners
Public Broadcast Service (PBS)
Cornerstone Television
Czech Television
STM Film Partners
Parables TV
New Nashville Sessions
Zuus Network
The GreenLight Groupe
Country Music Entertainment (Europe)

Virgin Airlines
Vanderbilt University
Louder Media
The Hornets NBA Basketball
North Star Destination Strategies